IT outsourcing and Staffing solutions:
We empower companies with industry-leading staffing and talent solutions.
Identitive solutions future-forward approach involves innovation and strategy in talent acquisition to ensure your company gets global excellence. Our talent acquisition experts have over a decade of experience in finding the right talent at the time. We bridge the gap between job seekers and companies with our best talent solutions.

Our staffing models

Identitive solutions is a trusted IT talent recruitment and staffing agency offering a broad range of talent solutions including

Fixed time and cost:

Identitive solutions provide talent for a specific time under defined budgets. The project-based staffing model helps companies to reduce hiring costs significantly.

Contract-based staffing model:

We offer contract-based talent solutions for a specific period and project. We bring the top talent and build a globally leading team with our proven staffing expertise.

Permanent hiring:

We are expertise in finding the right talent with the extensive vetting process. Our permanent hiring solutions reduce the overhead costs, reduces the hiring time, and improve productivity.

Offshore development:

If you have any project to develop and looking to outsource, Identitive solutions is the trusted IT staffing solution provider with the local talent.

Identitive solutions staffing model benefits:

  1. Reduces hiring time and cost
  2. Find the top talent (Local and Global)
  3. Provides flexible staffing models
  4. Strategize every phase of recruitment and hiring process to enrich HR operations.
  5. Simplified onboarding process
Hire your next top talent with us